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We're just a couple of guys that really enjoy nerding out on music production. At Reddwire recording studio we're all about having a good time, making new friends, and creating some awesome tunes. When you're at Reddwire, you're at home with family.

Studio Services


Our studio walls are designed & built specifically for recording, to achieve the highest quality & most energetic sound possible. Featuring no parallel surfaces & optimal acoustic treatment, this room has the perfect vibe to maximize your creativity & capture 'that sound' naturally. Using our Class-A recording equipment assures we get the most out of this extraordinary room, providing the cleanest & most detailed sound available.


Mixing is an art-form & skill that takes years & years of practice & experience. We have spent nearly everyday for a combined 20 years trying to perfect this art. Our goal is to achieve exactly what you had in mind. We strive to be the absolute best we can be & are constantly improving our skill everyday. Your music will be given the most care & attention to detail with us. If you record at home or don't live near us, we offer an online mixing service to help you achieve the most out of your project. For more information on our online mixing service, feel free to contact us. If you're ready to upload your tracks now, simply click here


Editing has become a necessity for modern professional releases. Attention to detail must not be underestimated during this process, as it's very easy to ruin phase relationship, or an otherwise good take. Our attention to these details is unparalleled. Our careful listening & precision edits can bring your music to the next level, & we'll get it done FAST!


Every great mix needs a great master! With mastering our goal is to achieve the desired loudness while preserving the mix dynamics as much as possible. Attention to detail is crucial, & we'll make sure it gets the necessary attention. We can deliver masters suiting any need whether it be loud punchy rock or easy listening. We also offer an online mastering service. Contact us for more information on our online mastering service or click here to upload now!

*We also offer fully equipped rehearsal in our live room!*

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